Taste of Puebla Roots



Taste of Puebla Inc was Founded by Mariana Castaneda & Cristobal Castaneda and Establish in 2010. Before starting Taste of Puebla, Mariana had worked in the mushroom industry for over 20+ years in the Mushroom Capital of the world, which is known as Kennett Square. During the many years of hard work, Mariana finally decides to open a restaurant in a town called West Grove. When the business started to pick up, Cristobal had to resign after working 28 years in the mushroom industry as well. During the first year, Mariana started creating Salsa in which we are selling to this day at many local stores and local Farmers Markets. Both Mariana & Cristobal knew they were growing too fast for a tiny kitchen. In 2013, we moved into where Kennett Steak & Mushrooms location for the next few years. As of September 2016, we decided to no longer continue in the restaurant business but to continue with our Production line of Salsas and Catering Service.