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Our Story

Taste of Puebla Inc was founded by Mariana Castaneda & Cristobal Castaneda and established in 2010. Before starting Taste of Puebla, Mariana had worked in the mushroom industry for over 20+ years in the mushroom capital of the world in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. After many years of hard work, Mariana decided to follow her passion for cooking and opened a restaurant in West Grove, PA. When the restaurant started to pick up, Cristobal resigned after working 28 years in the mushroom industry.


During the first year of Taste of Puebla Mariana was invited to sell her delicious salsas and guacamole at the Farmers Market. The local community quickly learned about our restaurant and we outgrew our small location.


In 2013, Taste of Puebla moved to a larger restaurant space in Kennett Square. After a couple of years, they realized the restaurant hours were exhausting and starting to become too much for the family business. In 2016, Taste of Puebla decided to rebrand and focus on its catering services and its production line of salsas and food. 

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